Monday, October 11, 2010


It's finally fall!:) Officially my favorite season! It felt so good to be flying over and driving through W.Va. this weekend, which, in my opinion has the most beautiful fall foliage.
College football, beautiful hikes, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, scarves, boots, hay rides, carving pumpkins, corn maze's - how could you ever complain?

Here are some inspirational fall things to (hopefully) make your Monday a little more bearable:
(Image Courtesty: Polish my Crown)

Smile and stay positive as you get through the week! Here are some lyrics from one of my favorite jason Mraz songs:

I thank the galaxy for how it made up gravity

I thank the sky for hosting clouds to float on top of me

they gave me air to breath

they give me rain

they give me snow

they shaped my life they gave me so much room to grow;

I learned that it’s ok for some to go and some to stay,

they shaped my life

they made me love who I am today;

and I know that life is good

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