Monday, June 28, 2010

Life as an Intern - Week 1

This summer, I am living a "townie summer" and staying in Athens to take 16 hours of class, and intern at the Ohio University Alumni Association.

Last week was my first week of work and I have to say - I already love it! My coworkers have been so helpful in showing me how to figure out how to do my tasks, I couldn't ask for better, friendlier people (unless, of course, I was in West Virginia).

My official title is "Regional Programming Intern", and my boss, Dawn, is wonderful - she's incredibly down-to-earth, and really loves her job which makes the work environment very pleasant.

I'm mostly just excited to be able actually work in an internship that I will actually be able to do PR. At my internship last summer, no one would teach me to do this or utilize my writing skills because they didn't want to teach me things that they could already do themselves.

So far, I have done chapter giveaways, and have started on event planning for several alumni events. I can't wait to really get involved with the OUAA, and hone my skills.

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sex and Another City

As most of you are well aware, I am a die hard Sex and the City fan. I have the series, the book to go with the series, the movie, the book to go with the movie - I even bought the book to go along with the second movie before it came out.

I stalked the movie on blogs and other websites from day one of filming in NYC back in September. So naturally I was anticipating the midnight showing with a ridiculous eagerness. I don't know why I have been so drawn to the show - perhaps the Carrie and Mr. Big scenario hits close to home (although mine turned out somewhat differently - haven't we all had a "Mr. Big"?), maybe it's the "That's exactly how I feel!" reaction we ladies get to so many of the episodes, or it could be the fashion. Oh, how I, and any other woman with whom fashion holds a special place in their heart, covet the fashion of our four fab gals.

Now after two screenings of the movie, and much reviewing by flipping through the book, I have finally made up my mind about this movie. I'm disappointed. I feel like this movie was a flashy show, and much less like a carefully planned story like each episode of the series, and the first movie were.

Of course, there were things I loved, Carrie and Big's apartment was amazingly decorated. It seemed reminiscent of the redecorating Carrie did to her old apartment in the first movie, and just masculine enough for a man like Mr. Big, or John James Preston as we now know him. And the closet! Oh the closet! It was amazing to say the least - I loved the subtle fact that Carrie's beautiful clothes were spilling over into Mr. Big's side of the closet. The apartment did seem somewhat somber though, it seemed every time the two were there, there was some tension between the two of them. When Carrie waltzed in to her old closet I almost died, while longing for the old carefree Carrie. I liked how true to the series her closet was - the green dress she wore in Pairs, and the red and white starfish Marni coat she wore in season 2 or 3 was still there. Maybe that was their intent. However, I did find it odd that they were able to sell "Heavan on 5th" but not Carrie's old apartment.

The fashion was by far my favorite part of the movie, however I've heard mixed reviews from friends. I loved every single pair of Carrie's shoes. The countless custom Manolo's, Brian Atwood, and the Louboutains were all amazing. I actually loved every outfit Miranda wore, which is rare - in the show I was never a fan of her staunch wardrobe. I loved the Chanel accessories on Charlotte, I always liked her classy Park Avenue style. But Samantha's, I have to say was my least favorite wardrobe of the bunch. It was too flashy, and as the lady in the store said, a bit too "young". I was also not a fan of her story line. Throughout the show Samantha was trying to "be herself" and be the master of her own life - in this movie she was fighting off menopause and getting old. I would have liked to have seen her embracing it, and coming to terms with it. I like Miranda's story line the best, I liked that she is finally happy, and drama-free and that she served as a sort of cheerleader for the girls in this movie. I liked Charlotte's story line as well, because she had to fight her questions of motherhood. I wasn't a fan of the nanny, and the Irish music that played every time her boobs bounced.

I have always felt myself a "Carrie", as I think she is a blend of her three friends, which is why I like her best. Also, no matter what, it seemed Carrie always believed in love no matter what happened to her, and I really like that about her. I was always a fan of Mr. Big over Aidan, I thought Big gave her the "zsa-zsa-zou", and the stomach flip over Aidan - and after all, isn't that what it's really about? The fact that she seemed bored with Mr. Big after just two years of marriage seems odd to me for the two of them. While I did identify with feeling bored in a relationship, and the absolute horror at receiving a gift that is no where in line with who you are. Although it is a real marital problem, I never thought I would see it between the two of them, which disappointed me.

When I saw that they were bringing Aidan back, I wasn't really sure what to think. I realized that mostly what I was feeling was - ANGER! Why bring him back? For drama? Not cool! My anger mounted when they kissed in the movie. Then, she comes back and her repercussion is that she has to wear a diamond? Seriously? It amounted to nothing. What was the point of that?

What I really missed was the four girls, especially Carrie, in New York City. I think that was the biggest disappointment of the film. The show is called Sex and the CITY for a reason, and I wasn't a big fan of the whole "sex and another city" thing. Carrie seemed different in this movie. Maybe it's because she is "older and more wise" but it just didn't seem like the same Carrie we knew and loved from the series. Where was Carrie the writer? The Carrie who always had the inner monologue happening?

The ending of the movie, I think was the worst. So you kiss another man and you have to wear a diamond as punishment? Wait a minute what? It JUST didn't make sense, it seemed thrown together and wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I will most likely be buying this movie the day it comes out on DVD, because I am a through and through SATC fan, but it just seems that something is missing from this movie.

I would LOVE to know your opinions! Comment! Please!