Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Red Carpet Obsession

SO as most of you are perfectly aware, the Emmy's were last night. While I love TV and all, what I was most interested in was watching the lovely ladies walk the red carpet in their gorgeous gowns.

This year, it seems the trend was not the LBD, but the LND.. little navy dress. I was on the fence about it at first, but I've decided I like navy, it's a great summer alternative to black.

While most people think the ladies of Hollywood have been playing it safe on the red carpet the last few awards shows, I disagree. I think that it really is "the return of the lady". To me, many of the gowns being worn are very old Hollywood, classic looks. Can't go wrong there, unless you pick something unflattering.

Do awards shows make anyone else want to go to prom again?

Ok January Jones gooooooorgeous Versace dress was definitely my favorite look from the evening. LOOOOVE. This look has made best AND worst dressed lists since last night, but it get's the #1 spot in my book because it's a daring take on a classic look.
Sequins done right. Claire Danes looked PERFECT in this gown. Neutrals on the red carpet can be risky, but as you can see in the close-up, she was perfectly tanned so the dress didn't wash her out. Oh, and the gown? Swavorsky crystals, nbd.
Oh man, I'm OBSESSED with this plum gown on Kyra Sedgewick. This Monique Lhuillier is definitely the perfect gown for her. And her accessories are just right. I love that so many skipped the big necklaces and opted for sweetheart necklines.
Even though her hair looked a hot mess because of the humidity, this navy Oscar de la Renta gown is loooovely on Lea Michele. She absolutely does not look 5'2". I think to make this look a bit more classic she should have done some kind of updo, but maybe that's why she didn't. Regaurdless, hate the hair, obsessed with the dress.
Emily Blunt was 100% a Grecian goddess in this lavender Dior. And with John Krasinki on her arm, how can you go wrong? Gorgeous. Very old Hollywood. Great detail with the flowers scattered across, and I love the one-shoulder.
Oh man, did I love this Tony Ward dress on Kelly Osbourne. She has become quite the fashionista. I didn't notice the detail in the skirt last night, but it really makes the dress. And even though you can't see it here, the dress cuts down deep in the back making it subtly sexy. I don't think I love her hair though.
Tina Fey stayed true to her typical LBD dress, but with a twist. This Oscar de la Renta down is definitely a hit.
Kim Kardashian channeled Cleopatra in this flowy white Marchesa gown. Much better than last year's white Emmy's gown (the Emmy's were after Labor Day last year).
Jane Lynch!!! This Ali Rahimi gown is absolutely stunning on her. LOOOVE. Did NOT expect this from Sue Sylvester, but I love it.
Even though I think she looks more like she's going to the office than to the Emmys, this mint green dress is a GREAT color on Lo Bosworth, and the shoes are perfect. I love whatever that ring is on her hand too. She rarely goes wrong.
Recently retired Mary Hart (host of ET) wore a simple, yet detailed Romona Keveza gown. I think she, like Mindy Kaling below, could have done less with her hair though. She looks a bit 80's prom too, and it could have been avoided. But the dress, nonetheless, is gorg.
My mom will probably think I'm insane, but I really like Mindy Kaling's dress. Her hair? Not so much. She could have gone WAY LESS 80's prom with this gown. But I don't hate it.
I have to admit, I didn't even know who Jennifer Carpenter was before last night, but that dress is GORGEOUS. LOOOOVE it. Definitely a hit although I can't figure out who it's by.. anyone know?
Ok loooove Lauren Graham's Yigal Azrouel gown. It's sexy yet looks comfortable, and she added color by painting her nails red. Classic.

Worst Dressed:
As much as I hate to say it, I hated Christina Hendricks Zac Posen dress. The feathers are awful, and I'm just not a fan. It looks like a nightgown - eek!!!

Anna Paquin wore an Alexander McQueen Resort gown. I have to say, I like the dress, but I think she let it wear her. And it hits her hips at an odd spot. Can't say I love this.
Heidi Klum in a Marchesa LDB a Christian Louboutain heels. Can't say I love it. Heidi, we get you're a MILF, but a short dress to the Emmys? I don't love it.

Images courtesy Huffington Post,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pelotonia Inspiration

This past Friday, I was privledged enough to be able to attend the opening ceremomies of Pelotonia 2010 in Columbus with my friend Parker.

For those of you who don't know, Pelotonia is a bicycle race from Columbus to Athens (with the option of four stops in between). Every dollar raised is donated to the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University. In 2009, they raised over $4mil. for cancer research, with one goal: to end cancer.

During the opening ceremonies, an inspiring video was shown about beating cancer, featuring a woman who passed away several months ago with breast cancer giving a speech about defeating cancer. One thing she said really struck a cord with me:

"The key to being successful in your life's mission, is to have a passion for it."

Wow. So true. How different would the world be if everyone did what they were passionate about? Something to think about.

So, this week, I challenge you to do what you're passionate about. Whether it be finding a cure for cancer or playing outside - do it. No matter what.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chase the lion.

Came across this the other day, and I really like it. Part of it also happenns to be the quote at the top of my blog. Something good to live by:

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. Set God-sized goals. Pursue God-ordained passions. Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. Keep asking questions. Keep making mistakes. Stop pointing out problems and become part of the solution. Stop repeating the past and start creating the future. Stop playing it safe and start taking risks. Accumulate experiences. Consider the lilies. Criticize by creating. Find every excuse you can to celebrate everything you can. Live like today is the first day and last day of your life. Don’t let what’s wrong with you keep you from worshiping what’s righ. Burn sinful bridges. Blaze new trails. Worry less about what people think and more about what you think. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Be yourself. Laugh at yourself. Quit holding out. Quit holding back. Quit running away.

Chase the lion.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top Style Essentials

As I've been gearing up for fall, and for the start of school, I've also been thinking about my fall wardrobe. What are the essentials that carry me from season to season, year to year? I've compiled a list of my personal style essentials (in no particular order!) below...

Heels. You can never own too many pairs of heels (sorry, Mom). Dressy, casual, going out, doesn't matter. My favvvvvorite shoe designer is Christian Louboutain. One day I hope to own many, many pairs of them. This may be my favorite shoe designed by him:
Investment Bag. This is necessary. Mine is a black leather Brighton bag with a silk lining (it secretly came from an auction:)). I dressed it up with a black and gold Chanel scarf. One day if and when I can afford it, my top investment choice will be a black quilted Chanel:

This in my opinion is the classic bag. The Birkin bag is also classic, depending on your style.

Striped Sailor Shirt. This summer I decided I needed one of these. Its nautical but classic, and can be dressed up or down. Mine is from F21, and is fitted, but they can also be found in more loosely fitting styles too.

Men's White Shirt. Although this is an item that I'm still in search of for my wardrobe, this is something that can be worn with almost anything. Wear it with skinny jeans and flats, or belt it and wear it with heels. This is a look that is absolutely timeless. I have yet to find the perfect one, but I know it's out there somewhere!

Pearls. Classic. Wear a short strand with your LBD for a classic Audrey look, or long draped strands for a more "edgy" look. Either way, they are classic. I have a pair of real ones from my grandmother (the most classic pearls are hand-me-downs) a fake pair for non-formal occasions, and long strands of pearls for draping.

Cocktail Rings. They don't have to be giant diamond rings. In fact, they don't have to be real at all. That's not the point of cocktail rings. The pont is for them to be big and bold, and to draw attention. They make a statement. When you're holding a drink, I gaurantee they'll be noticed;) Here are a few of mine:

Nail Polish. Nude, clear and red are the most classic colors. However, we young ladies can wear color and get away with it. I have about 30 polishes in MANY different colors.

I usually don't match my nails and toes, and like to wear bright colors year round. Regaurdless of whether you stick with classics or go a little more bold, your nails are a blank canvas.

Little Black Dress. I have about 6 LBD's. I have casual ones and dressy ones. Summer and winter dresses. The perfect LBD will reveal itself to you when you least expect it, so always keep your eyes peeled! The LBD is a blank canvas, adding bangles, cocktail rings, fun shoes, whatever. The LBD will NEVER go out of style.
Cardigans. Yes, plural. I have cardigan in eeeevery color. Wear them with T-shirts, dresses or dress clothes and a white button-up. Point is, they go with everything, and you can even buy them in summer-weight and wear them as a bathing suit cover-up.
Blazer. Dress it up, dress it down. Wear it with shorts, wear it with jeans, wear it with a skirt. Wear it with a dress, wear it with slacks. The blazer is one of the MOST versatile items you can have in your wardrobe - it instantly classes-up any look.

This one is mine from Charlotte Russe, and pretty casual. I also have a khaki blazer, and a more dressy suit-jacket blazer.

Animal print. This is something that adds the perfect amount of style and edge when it's worn right. In my opinion the key to animal print it subtlety - not too much. My favorite piece of animal print in my wardrobe are my Guess pumps:

I've also been on the lookout for an animal print scarf, which would work great paired with a red or black sweater this fall.

Ballet Flat. Chic, timeless. First made popular by Audrey Hepburn and Bridget Bardot, ballet flats have become an essential to every girls wardrobe. I have flats in almost every color, but the ones I wear most are my black and red pairs.

When I am rich and famous, I will be buying the most classic pair out there - Chanel:

Aviators. In my opinion, the most classic sunglasses. First created in WWII, and made popular by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. I have two pairs - on in black and one in brown.

Bangles. Whether you're adding a stack of colorful bangles to a casual outfit, or adding gold or silver bangles to a cocktail dress, bangles are a classic look that announce your arrival in style.

An "in" piece. While filling your wardrobe with classics is crucial, it's ok to have a couple "of the moment"pieces too. Whether it be long drapey vests, or socks with heels, these looks come and go. You shouldn't spend a lot of money on these pieces like you would with a more classic piece (like those mentioned above) but these can still be made your own by pairing it with classic pieces.

These are my personal essentials.. what are yours?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colorful Summer Wedding

This past weekend Chelsea Clinton was married to Marc Mevinsky in an inter-faith ceremony at Astor Courts.

And oh the gorgeous fashion show that was the wedding! If you're like me, you never considered Chelsea Clinton any kind of fashionista, but her Vera Wang wedding gown was gorgeous:

Hilary wore a gooooorgeous Oscar de la Renta floral gown that faded from hot pink to light pink. (Who knew Hil could be so stylish?) Wang also designed lavender bridesmaid gowns, and the dress that Chelsea wore at the wedding reception. Mevinsky wore a Burberry suit (yes please - I love a man in Burberry).
Bill Clinton lost a whopping 20lbs. for Chelsea's wedding. Although I can't decide if he looks healthy or sick? I'm leaning toward sick.
Let's hope my wedding is this stylish:)